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Louise Buus
Creative consultant


I am an aesthetic down to my fingertips. Whether I throw myself over chocolate or a pair of undies, I do it with all my heart. I am very committed and passionate about my work and is clear for anyone in my results.

In every piece of my work you will find a touch of Louise. That creative sense and ability to convert a story or a campaign in to something unique and creative – whether it’s a windowsetting with Kylie Minoque with giant sloggiblue cardboard letters and of course the ability to fold it out to shops and malls across 7 countries – or it is an online sales and marketing magazine filled with POS  and USPs – or a PR story about that uncompromising  and high quality chocolate made by hand in Copenhagen.

I have the ability to quickly get into business – its strategies, products and all the intermediaries, making me a plug and play girl who quickly finds her place.

My work range covers from communication, marketing, PR, events, concept development, visual identity and brand management. I work focused and structured. And with my aesthetic sense and analytical ability to put myself into a business profile branding comes natural to me. In my opnion it’s one of the most important aspects for a stakeholder for you and your business and for further cooperation with me.

On a personal note, I am married and have 3 boys together with my husband. I have a huge passion for architecture, design and interior and when I have the time I find myself buried in interior projects both for our selves but also for private households. I love food, it’s the one thing beside my children that I constantly think about, I have an addiction to telemark (skiing), Pinterest and instagram. Feel free to connect with me on instagram @louibuus and se my latest obsessions.